The cutting shop is fully-equipped, and features every new technology available today for the cutting of sheet metal. With the various automated processes and working three shifts, the cutting shop is able to produce high volumes of components.

The machinery installed at TSM includes:
Amada Fol aj 3015 fibre-optic laser cutter fitted with AS-LUL Twin automatic double-turret loader
CO2 Amada Fo 3015 NT laser cutter fitted with AS-LUL automatic loader
Amada EML 3610 NT laser-punch combination machine
FinnPower PSB cutting, punching and shearing line with automatic loader
FinPower Punch Genius PG1225 Compact Express punch press

The maximum sheet size is 3000x1500mm; the maximum thickness for aluminium and stainless steel is 12mm, while the maximum thickness for carbon steel is 20mm.